About my tutoring and teaching

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I have been tutoring languages for over 13 years and have enjoyed helping people (ages 5 to 75!) nurture new skills and a love of communication! English is my first language. I studied French in high school and then learned Spanish through immersion at age 17 on an exchange program in southeastern Mexico. My first job teaching groups was as a university Spanish language laboratory facilitator 11 years ago, and I’ve never looked back! I spent my third academic year studying in French in Strasbourg, France, and was thrilled to be immersed in French, Spanish and Portuguese daily. After my BA degree, I spent 1.5 years at a non-profit organization in northern Peru, where (100% in Spanish) I taught and facilitated various sessions and workshops (homework help, English, drawing, painting, youth leadership), and helped launch a ‘rotating’ library to engage children and their families in joyful reading. Many of the posts on this blog are about how diverse Peruvians, and the incredible lands, waters and skies which they steward, inspired me to pursue education as a vocation. I believe in heart-centered and arts-based education for people of all ages that centres equity, joy, creativity,  intercultural understanding and respect, diverse literacies, debate, fun and respect for all non-human beings (plants, animals, insects, waters, etc.) with whom we share this beautiful planet.

I am a certified Canadian K-12 teacher, specializing in teaching English, Spanish and French as additional languages as well social sciences (history, geography, environmental studies and economics). I taught in from 2016-19 in BC schools and have since been an Education Program Manager for a reputable non-profit organization. I have taught English, French and Spanish to native speakers of dozens of other languages (namely Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Cantonese, French, Korean, Japanese, Farsi, and Tagalog). I love introducing French immersion students to Spanish and teaching them tricks to learn their 3rd language!


  • CELTA certification (for English as an additional language) (University of Cambridge course, through International House, Vancouver, 2012)
  • Honours Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, with minors in Spanish and French (Mount Allison University, 2013).
    International Relations includes politics, history, geography, economics and cultural theory. My minors included language, culture and literature from Latin America and Europe. I completed my third academic year in French at university in Strasbourg, France.
  • Bachelor of Education (University of British Columbia, 2016)
    BC certified K-12 teacher, with specialization in secondary French and Spanish and the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (IB MYP). I also enjoyed working with K-12 students for my community field experience at a rural school. I taught IB DP Spanish after becoming a certified IB MYP teacher.
  • Experience learning and communicating in three other languages and extensive amateur and professional experience as a violinist.

I take on a limited number of students to ensure quality, personalized instruction. Students must be willing to dedicate regular practice to their studies. I currently have 14 students in 7 cities (3 Canadian provinces, 6 countries).

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