One more day

I leave tomorrow for Atlantic Canada for the beginning of my 1st Canadian portion of my CIDA youth internship. I’ve already started getting to know some other interns online. I have enjoyed catching up with old friends since late April, when I went to Montreal and Ottawa for the first time. I even had a personal tour of uOttawa with a friend doing a PhD in Spanish linguistics! We were stand partners as violinists in our university’s chamber orchestra in my first year.

The weather was hot and sunny so I was outside for most of the time in both cities. I had a great visit in Hudson and then an adventure of downtown Montréal with an my friend, Rachel, who is farming there. I had a blast with Claire, exploring just some of the diverse Montréal neighbourhoods.
IMG_7200 2 2

Back on the west coast, I visited my old school to see what people are up to now, the new (and old) art work that adorns the halls, and progress in new courses, clubs and activities, and student initiatives. I ran into some kids I used to babysit and they were about as surprised to see me as I was them! They were 4 and 5 then and are now in middle school.

Visiting with neighbours has been enjoyable. Many have some combination of dogs, cats, sheep, cattle, horses and ponies. There are brown bunnies running around the (practically fluorescent) green yard. In this tranquil region there are also many talented and inspiring people artists and musicians.

Thought this song and music video were amusing. The song is called “I’d Rather Dance With You” and it is by the Kings of Convenience, an indie folk-pop duo from Bergen, Norway.
King of Convenience

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