Was I really out West?

IMG_7329 2 2Victoria harbour

IMG_7332 2 2

The Coho ferry, built in 1955.

IMG_7342 2 2

Check out the captain!

IMG_7349 2

IMG_7357 2 2

Looking back at Vancouver Island

IMG_7377 2 2

IMG_7372 2

Time to head back to the family car…

After five days of fun and food and doggies while staying with many a relative, it was time for me to head home.

A cousin dropped me off along the Seattle waterfront and I was eager to explore the city
at my own pace for a few hours before catching the ferry back to Victoria.


Seattle’s artsy waterfront district by the Pike Place Market.

IMG_7421 2 2

I was surprised how full the market was for a rainy Wednesday afternoon in late May.


IMG_7428 2 2

IMG_7429 2 2

Love the old lighting fixtures in there.

IMG_7435 2 2

IMG_7436 2 2

IMG_7440 2 2

IMG_7442 2 2

They aren’t kidding when they say that Seattle is grey.

IMG_7459 2 2

I believe this was the first Old Spaghetti factory.

IMG_7463 2 2


Why, hello Mr. Seagull.


I had a very memorable time with my relatives during those five days.
While I would love visit San Juan Island,
when I took this photo all I wanted was to be back home.

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