Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves (plus other photos)

IMG_7741 2 2

This is my first ‘Daily Prompt’,
or I guess in this case, ‘Weekly Prompt’.
I took this photo yesterday evening
and thought I might as well post it for this week’s theme,
although might I add that the artwork
that someone made out of those bike stands
is way more impressive than the ‘curves’ in my photo. 😀

Also for your viewing pleasure, below are a few close ups of
some photos I got today while wandering around Halifax.

Side note: there is a cute magnet on the fridge
at the place I am renting
which I have been admiring.
It was made by the Scouts of NY; it reads:
“The Best Way to Find Something New Is To Get Lost”.

So true.

But before my real wandering began,
I actually ran into a friend from my former uni
who moved to the city at the same time I did
-got to love the Maritimes!-

which only happened because
I saw a group of lively people playing
CRICKET at the Common…

My excitement about this would be due to
my Bermudian roots.

(Cricket is still a very popular sport there
and in many other former British colonies).

Where was I?…oh yes…
I promise to post the full scale versions
of these photos tomorrow,
(if you promise to check them out!)

IMG_7751 2 2 2


IMG_7764 2 2 3
Have an excellent start to the
VERY important week
in which
(i.e. make the preparations for
Summer Solstice, this Friday!…
Well, perhaps, for Winter Solstice
for those of you that are below that
seemingly important ‘red’ line
that divides the earth in two halves).
Boa noite 😀

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