Coastal tranquility

I’m not in much of a celebratory mood today with the muggy weather and the fact that I had to move to a new place to sublet this morning, but I can’t complain. I love the new place I’ll be in until I leave for Peru and I am currently listening to relaxing jazz music after a delicious lunch and tea.

My new housemate is doing French homework and we’ve got a pact: se parler qu’en français (only speak to one another in French). I’m going to hang out with a friend this evening and I have zero stress at the moment. La vie est belle, n’est-ce pas?

I should find out tomorrow when I leave for Peru, but it is supposed to be in about two weeks, perhaps two weeks today. Which is pretty crazy because in many ways it feels like I just arrived in the city (and how many things I’d like to do before saying ‘adiós‘. I’m going to miss many aspects Halifax, especially the trust that strangers have in one another (see Moment of Kindness), how safe the city feels and the concentration of artists, especially musicians.

Here are some pictures from a brief visit to Peggy’s Cove with people from work. This is probably the location of Canada’s most-photographed lighthouse, but the natural landscape was simply fascinating. If there’s something to celebrate today, I think it should be what breathtaking natural surroundings we are able to enjoy in Canada. We need to remember two things about them: while they don’t really ‘belong’ to anyone, except la Madre Tierra (Mother Earth), if we are going to claim that they are on Canadian soil (and not that of our many First Nations peoples), then it is the responsibility of the Canadian government to properly protect and preserve these natural treasures, for far longer than the enjoyment of current generations.

IMG_7663 2 2

L-R: Other interns and myself, two visitors from Chiclayo, Peru (who I am excited to ‘volver a ver’–see again–in a couple weeks or so…) and my boss for the Canadian portion of the internship.

IMG_7686 2 2





Bon appétit, Monsieur Cormoran


IMG_7724 2 3

IMG_7722 2 3

IMG_7729 2 3

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