Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation (for me or for others…or both?)

Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation

If one experience or life change results from you writing your blog, what would you like it to be?

I guess this is up for interpretation: a change which occurs in my life or those of others?

In my life, I hope to keep the needed self discipline to write in my blog with posts which make me reflect on my actions, those of others, the world I live in, how fortunate I am to have the opportunities which seem to present themselves to me.

In terms of a life change for my readers, I hope that they will get in the habit of reading blogs for the value they provide. While I am a new blogger, I’ve realized that learning about the daily lives, personal experiences and memories of others through their prose and verse, their photos, other forms of visual art and music makes me feel connected to complete strangers in a way I would never have imagined.

Now when I am on the bus or just walking in the streets, I sometimes wonder if the people I pass have blogs, if they are the type of people to be willing to share their experiences, feelings, joys and fears with the world. If they don’t have blogs, I wonder if it is a lack of interest in creating and maintaining one, or a lack of trust in the people who may find it and read it. After all, I’m sure most bloggers have been told by a family member or friend that ‘they are stalkers out there’, that the CIA could be reading their blog. I’ve heard that enough times –from at least the females in my family– and I assure them that I know there are people with bad intentions out there and that I’ll be careful. Then I think to myself, “wow, how sad that they can’t just assume that the vast majority of people out there are not looking to hunt down particular bloggers, but rather grow as individuals by reading their stories.

I just hope that people will gain more trust through reading my blog and the blogs of others. That they will come to appreciate that we all want the same basic things in this life and that our blogs are just one medium of expression of experiences and feelings. I hope people will learn to take those 5, 10 or more minutes every day to just reflect on their lives while and after viewing the blogs of people they will probably never come to meet. We should all spend a little (or a lot) more time on personal reflection in our busy social lives, ideally disconnected from screens altogether. But seeing as many of us spend far too many hours per day in front of screens as it is, why can’t we and other cut down on Facebook time and replace it with blog-reading time? I hope that my family and friends will come to know me better through my writing and photos, especially since I am often so (geographically) distant from them.

By becoming more trusting of strangers and feeling a new kind of (at least virtual) connection with them, I hope that people will be more trusting of the strangers in the street or in their neighbourhood, the ones they probably tend to rush by on the subway, ignore in the grocery store, become frustrated with at the bank while waiting in line for a teller.

I hope they will be more willing to introduce themselves to strangers on a bus, tell a story about themselves when on a plane, share their feelings or opinion on issues, give away about as much information as they would on a blog: not enough personal details to cross that line of confidentiality, but enough to connect with someone, make them see an issue in a different light,
LAUGH for goodness sakes :P,
smile 😀
and realize that we’re all in this life together.

I hope they will have more patience for strangers, even when they are not in the mood strike up a conversation.

I hope that adults will realize that the internet can be used for more than making purchasing, paying bills…using it for the wrong reasons like hacking peoples’ bank accounts…(the list goes on)…that it can indeed be used by individuals to create good in the world.

Perhaps blog readers will re-blog a post, comment on one or send a blog link to a friend.
And hopefully they will realize
that is it friendship on a variety of levels,
only possible through making ties of trust,
that will help make this ‘globalized’,
technology-driven world
a better place,
for all of us.

P.S. About remembering to laugh, check out this mug I am using at the office today,
which indeed made me chuckle:

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????This weekend: get outside and enjoy the sunshine, disconnect from those screens and live in the moment.
(I sure won’t be blogging as I’ll be doing exactly what I just recommended you do!)

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