Daily Prompt: Life After Blogs (sun, sea, sounds, sabores…salsa?)

Theme: Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

IMG_8381 2 2

Pretty fantastic. Since graduating from university in May, I have been happy to spend less time on my computer than I have in years; no more online journal articles to read and absorb, no more essays to write and edit, and re-edit and then edit again, society/club emails to send out and reply to, internships and jobs to apply to…phew!!

That being said, since I left home five years ago, I have grown to rely on Skype for a lot of my communication with family and friends (nothing that couldn’t be fixed with calling cards).
Emails are handy too, but I still enjoy sending letters every once and a while. And I’m pretty sure everyone prefers receiving a ‘snail mail’ letter over an email.
What about the news? Since I am not one for watching TV, I do make use of the Internet for finding out what is happening in the world.
While I enjoy knowing what friends and family are up to (via photos on Facebook), I could happily delete my account. 

But WHERE would I view and store and edit all the photos I love take? I guess I’d manage with ‘taking photos’ and storing them in my mind, as a friend just reminded me when I said I haven’t seen many pictures of him recently. Perhaps I could put another percentage of my brain to use as a hard drive for my photos-we only use a small percentage of brain capacity anyways.

Without a computer, I’d spend more time outside, especially in the sunshine and hopefully along the coast…like this afternoon for example, at Pimentel, Perú. The city is located about 15km west of Chiclayo and I am already looking forward to my next visit.

If I did not have a computer, I’d…???????????????????????????????Be more social 😀
(members of my Peruvian host family)

???????????????????????????????Look up, and imagine what the view must be like from up there.

IMG_8350 2 2Look down…
???????????????????????????????…especially at what is between the cracks, what most people never see.

IMG_8429 2 2I’d have more of a sense of adventure…
IMG_8440 2 2…and more patience to wait for the right timing, since I wouldn’t expect instant replies or answers.
IMG_8435 2 2I’d probably have more trust in myself, not man-made technology, to take risks and never give up
(although you can’t see it, there is a person caught in that wave, but as soon as he surfaced,
he began trying to catch another wave).
IMG_8404 2I’d take more time for the traditional (this is a fishing boat that has been used for centuries in Peru),
IMG_8410 2 2aim to look at things from different perspectives,
???????????????????????????????take more time to appreciate the immense and endless beauty of nature,

???????????????????????????????and be grateful for the amazing, simple, things that humans have constructed to enjoy nature.

I’d also be happy to spend more time soaking up the ‘sabores’ (tastes, flavours) of all things delicious…

IMG_8337 2 2Ceviche, one of the dishes the five of us shared.

???????????????????????????????An interesting combo: beer from Cuzco and Inca Kola, Peru’s version of Coca-Cola,
also shared between the five of us (the bright orange liquid is ají, a tasty chili sauce for dressing food)

Here in South America, even when I am not in front of a computer, there is nearly always music.
Without a computer, I’d take in all those sounds even more, let them soak into me and then go out and (learn to) dance salsa (better),
???????????????????????????????perhaps even in the street as these happy Peruvians were doing as we were driving back to Chiclayo
to “celebrarhoy día, el 28 de julio, el Día de la Independencia Peruana.

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