Time flies when you’re having fun!

Here goes for a brief update on my recent activities…

Looking up from reading my book in the sun
to the sound of a marching band and several thousand people
marching for “La Paz” (peace) last Saturday afternoon (August 24th)
??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Attending a priest’s birthday party the following day with some of my colleagues from work
and many people from the local Catholic community…
???????????????????????????????Apparently this priest likes to dance…(this was my favourite moment of the whole afternoon…)
IMG_8932 2 2

Stopping in on an evaluation session on Monday at the ‘Antonio Ramondi’ site
with the parents of Proyecto Chiclayo participants
to see what they think about the successes of the program and improvements to be made
(to be included in an annual report I am working on)…

???????????????????????????????…in between my usual homework help session:
???????????????????????????????(by the way, Peruvian kids have some of the most amazing textbook books I have ever seen–
colourful, imaginative and well thought out designs–although this photo does not illustrate my point)

Evaluation session number four in Puerto Eten (on Tuesday),
a quiet fishing village, at least in the wintertime, south of Chiclayo:
???????????????????????????????My partner in crime, the one and only María Guevara from Centro Esperanza
(every time I think of her, I can’t help but think of Che Guevara, but might I add that this woman is quite the trooper) ???????????????????????????????We arrived early, so we decided to hit the beach!!!!
?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? (This door below has nothing to do with the evaluation session, it just happened to catch my eye)
IMG_8970 2 2This was at the end of our productive two-hour session 🙂

A ‘Learning Through Play’-inspired session with mothers and children of “La Ladrillera” on Thursday,
where we learned the sounds of farm animals
(although out in the countryside, these kids were experts on the sounds already!)
IMG_8981 2 ???????????????????????????????

What else? Two youth sessions, a music rehearsal, many heartwarming moments with
my loving host family, a session with kids this afternoon, yet another sunny winter day!…


(Buildings here are constructed with brick. The front is often plastered, especially in middle class neighbourhoods (where designs can be quite modern), but the side walls are usually not plastered.

* * *
Speaking of construction, Nicaragua is planning on building a new canal to link the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans with the Chinese firm HKND Group for an estimated B$40 USD.
Now doesn’t that sound sustainable? Not to mention environmentally friendly.

*           *           *           *           *           *          *           *           *            *           *
And in other Latin American news, the first ever ‘telenovela’ (soap opera) in Mayan was released in Quintana Roo, Mexico this past week. The last state to join the Mexican federation in 1974, it is home to many of the eight million Mexican natives who speak Mayan. Q Roo’s well-known cities include Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Isla Mujeres and Cozumel and its lesser-known capital, Chetumal, which borders Belize.

While I am not a fan of overly dramatic telenovelas, incorporating more of the Mayan culture into them is a step in the right direction to making indigenous people feel more represented in their country (especially since telenovelas are sure to be a part of Mexican and Latin American culture for years to come). Rather than seeing (overpaid) fair skinned actors of European descent from Mexico City on their TV screens, those of Mayan origin will have the chance to see a bit more of the Yucatan Peninsula, of their customs, clothing and most importantly, Mayan (or mestizo) actors and actresses.

This project includes 21 chapters of 8-10 minutes each. It was funded by the QRoo state government.
For now it is only to be transmitted in QRoo, but the coverage many be increased with time,
to other Mexican states or Central American countries.

Click here to go to the BBC article about it (in Spanish), plus watch a sample episode.

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