Wanderings in a winter wonderland

While I would definitely say I am a ‘summer’ person (and may never fully appreciate the ‘cold’ factor of Canadian winters), I have to admit that the winter season offers some very spectacular landscapes and fun activities. I recently enjoyed free ice skating on an outdoor rink open for public skates (Halifax’s ‘Oval’) where skaters of all ages and levels were out having a blast on a clear, sunny day. I was impressed with the free hassle-free skate-borrowing and skating. Mostly, I am glad the city has realized the benefits of providing free outdoor activities to its residents and visitors far out way the costs of maintaining the rink. Hip-hip hooray for prioritizing public happiness!

This afternoon, also a beautiful sunny day, I was treated to a walk along a peaceful trail where a railway used to run. I soaked in the sounds of Canadian geese and ducks frolicking in the water on both sides of the trail, where sheets of ice are breaking up. It was rather chilly, but worth ever moment in the fresh winter air as the sun began to set over Eastern Canada.

I sadly did have not have my camera with me today, but last week I did manage to capture this moment of joy when kids and their parents were sledding/sliding down Halifax’s Citadel Hill. The soundtrack was joyful screaming!
IMG_1362 2

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