Being a tourist in my own country

Today marks the beginning of my last week working at the Chalice office and also the last week of this 9-month internship. It is hard to believe it is all coming to an end. Thinking about returning home is bitter-sweet on many levels.

As my time on the East Coast is running out, I decided to be a tourist on Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed going to Halifax for a peaceful day in the sunshine, starting with a bus ride to the harbour where I purchased the best cinnamon roll I have ever eaten from a German baker at the small market in the ferry terminal, a market I did not even know existed! I ate my breakfast during a brief ferry ride across the calm harbour. I then stopped to write a letter at a cute ‘cabin’ café, browsed some 2nd-hand books down the street and then strolled around the bustling Halifax Farmer’s Market. I even ran into someone I graduated with last May–small world!

I then enjoyed two brief conversations with two friendly artists selling their crafts, a drawer and a blacksmith. Before leaving, I treated myself to a delicious ‘tostada‘ (a Mexican dish consisting of a fried tortilla generously topped re-fried beans, chopped lettuce and tomato, cream and salsa) prepared by two friendly Mexican ladies with whom I was happy to exchange a bit of castellano/español. I then said ‘hi’ to a friend of the family I have been staying with since my return from Peru, a regular market vendor. Next I meandered along the waterfront, grateful for the refreshing warmth of the sun on my back and for the cheerful spirits of the others out ‘soaking up the sun’ on the surprisingly mild winter day.

While it was not the first time I had frequented these places, I felt like a tourist for the first time in a while–marvellous.
It was good to have time to think and take in a city in which I (sort of) am still a tourist.

Here are a few pictures of my lazy Saturday stroll about Halifax…
???????????????????????????????Support is being shown across Canada  for LGTB pride,
especially in the face of Putin’s stance prior to the Sochi Olympics.

You probably did not know that the ‘rainbow flag’ is also the flag of the Peruvian city of Cuzco/Cusco,
with the only difference being that there is also a light blue colour in the mix.

The lively mural on the side of a building in downtown Halifax:
The most amusing street lamps in the city, representing three people: one has fallen over (far right)
and is being helped by the 2nd person, while the 3rd person looks away:
Have a wonderful week, wherever you find yourself.
My question for you: when was the last time your played tourist in your own town or city or region?
(Try it! And try doing it alone because you’ll surely see things in a different light).

4 thoughts on “Being a tourist in my own country

  1. So glad you were able to enjoy Halifax Ciera! Playing tourist is one of our favourite things to do. Julie and I actually went to the Market in the ferry terminal for the first time, last weekend. We didn’t know it was there!

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