Reflecting on both the little and big

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I am fortunate enough to be able to say that, yes, spring has sprung!
What a rare thing to be able to proclaim
as most of Canada lies frozen and under snow (especially the Atlantic provinces).
Earthworms are crawling, small birds are sharing their songs with the world,
bunnies are making their rapid appearances,
and swans and Canadian geese are returning home from their temporary winter locations.
And clearly, the ground is becoming more and more decorated with delicate, colourful flowers.
Springtime really is a miraculous annual event.

IMG_1462 2 2
While I haven’t posted for a while, I do plan on posting more regularly.
Lately I have been ‘recharging my batteries’ after finishing my internship experience,
including reconnecting with my family, local community and friends here and abroad;
saturating my brain with the ideas and themes in the many books I have been juggling;
enjoying the company and energy of a new family dog; and generally doing a lot of reflecting on the past year.
I have also been thinking and planning out the exciting (although sometimes daunting)
realm of possibilities for the near future.

Thanks for stopping in again, ¡hasta pronto!

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