Peaceful Pimentel

Here are a few glimpses of a recent visit to Pimentel, a beach on the Pacific in northern Peru. I love that I can travel there via bus for less than 4 Nuevo Soles (about CDN or US$1.50), round trip, from Chiclayo. I hope to go there a few more times before it becomes packed during the Christmas and summer holidays.

???????????????????????????????Local men still use traditional fishing boats, but they unfortunately compete with a huge number of commercial fishing boats constantly present along the coast. Overfishing is a recognized problem by many chiclayanos I have spoken with; fishing is an important source of income and animal protein, so overfishing is hard to fix without enforced government regulations, and industry and citizen commitment
to help maintain healthy marine populations and ecosystems.
???????????????????????????????Waiting for some leftovers from fishermen arriving throughout the morning.
???????????????????????????????Here comes brunch for those pelicans and seagulls.

???????????????????????????????A local surfer bypasses the frenzy and heads to a remote part of the beach to catch some waves.


11 thoughts on “Peaceful Pimentel

    • It is always so wonderful to see the creations of those who are dedicated to their art. I have always enjoyed making art, but unfortunately, I hardly have the time for it now with my busy work schedule.
      Thanks for visiting to look at my photos.

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