Qué alegría por estar entre amig@s

The last three days feel like a whole week! Thursday itself was quite the day. In the morning I was reunited with MaryAnne and Douglas from Chalice and also met Rachel (new at Chalice) and two of the staff from the Bolivian office (Patricia and Karina). What joy to see MaryAnne again after what feels like a lot longer than three months–yesterday is the three-month-mark of my arrival en La Ciudad de la Amistad: Chiclayo (the City of Friendship). The enthusiastic team is here to evaluate the operations of Centro Esperanza as well and the other two Peruvian sponsor sites in Lima and Cañete.

Just before 2pm on Thursday, I returned to my home for lunch, where I was happy to find my host parents who returned that morning from Cuzco and Lima; they had left just before my departure for Cuzco and their absence was certainly felt by my host sister Jorely and I in the past two weeks since I returned from my trip. It was wonderful to have a ‘full house’ again and at lunch and dinner, in particular, we chatted, laughed and shared delicious food prepared by my host mother (plus bread and cheese brought from Cuzco!).

An American friend who is here working for the Peace Corps and also volunteering in Centro Esperanza came over for a music rehearsal on Thursday. Zack is playing tonight night at a café-bar in downtown Chiclayo and I am going to accompany his guitar/voice/harmonica magic with some violin action for three of his original songs. It will be a much needed break from work as it has been a very full day of activities with children and youth from all of the districts where CE runs programs; they met with the evaluation team and demonstrated some serious talent (music, dance, the pan flute, expressing themselves publicly, etc.), skills they have learned thanks to Project Chiclayo…

Here are the highlights from the morning and afternoon sessions 😀

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? IMG_0049 2 IMG_0053 2 IMG_0062 2 ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????Evelyn is the beautiful girl in the middle of the photo with the flower in her hair. Some of the homework help sessions in Raimondi are temporarily being run out of her living room until a new location can be found. She is a very caring and responsible girl, always welcome to invite Project Chiclayo participants and staff into her modest home.

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