Video of La Cometa Lectora (The Reading Kite)

[Versión en castellano a seguir…]
In December of 2014, I made a video to document the launch of the reading promotion program ‘La Cometa Lectora‘ (‘The Reading Kite’) that was implemented into Project Chiclayo educational programs in September. The project was only possible thanks to the help of the entire Proyecto Chiclayo team of promotoras (educators-community members and grassroots development experts) and the families who hosted us in their living rooms. At last, the video is viewable on YouTube! I was lucky to be able to present it at an NGO event hosted by Save the Children.

To view ‘La Cometa Lectora’, click the link below. Pause the video once the page has loaded and click on the small ‘wheel’ for settings below the video to select a high-quality viewing mode (1080 pixels High Definition) to avoid a blurry video.
English versionLink to English version (on the Chalice Canada channel)

Feel free to leave comments either here or below the video itself. Please share the link with others 😀

En el diciembre del 2014, hice un video para documentar el inicio del programa de la promoción de la lectura ‘La Cometa Lectora’, que fue implementado en los programas educativos del Proyecto Chiclayo en setiembre. El proyecto solo fue posible gracias a la ayuda de todo el equipo de promotoras del Proyecto Chiclayo (educadoras-comunitarias y expertas en desarrollo de base) y las familias que nos dieron la bienvenida y nos acogieron en sus salas. Por fin, ¡el video está disponible en YouTube! Tuve la suerte de poder presentarlo en un evento de ONG organizado por la ONG internacional Save the Children.

Para mirar el video de ‘La Cometa Lectora’, haz clic en el link abajo. Sugiero pausar inmediatemente el video cuando la página se haya cargado y hacer clic en la pequeña ‘rueda’ de configuraciones para seleccionar un formato de alta calidad, como 1080 pixels High Definition. Al contrario, el video podría ser borroso.
Versión en castellanoLink a la versión en castellano (canal del Centro Esperanza)

Siéntate libre de dejar comentarios o aquí o debajo del video mismo. Por favor, comparte el link con otras personas. 😀


Cometa‘ visits will be starting soon. Several children and mothers are asking when they will begin, and I personally can’t wait! This week I have been organizing and beginning two art workshops (drawing and painting) with children and adolescents from Centro Esperanza’s Project Chiclayo programs as well as programs in Chosica del Norte and San Borja (nearby rural villages). This afternoon I will head to La Ladrillera for a drawing workshop with the village’s little artists. We have started creating illustrations for an actual book that they helped write about their unique, beautiful village amid the rice fields!

As for ‘Cometa‘ visits, I am excited to introduce families to new books we have been purchased thanks to funding from Chalice. We took hooours finding the most interesting books we could, with creative visual designs and plot lines or informational texts that embed meaningful events and invite reflection. Special thanks to two individual donors who donated funds specifically for ‘La Cometa‘; we are still deciding on how to best use your generous support.

Have a relaxing and fun weekend! Thanks for reading 🙂

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