International Volunteer Day

So for those of you who are volunteers, I hope you enjoyed Friday because it was International Volunteer Day!
I only realized this when I arrived at the Centro Esperanza volunteer meeting held on Friday evening. As the last of the year, the meeting involved sharing a bit about the work each of us does, giving and sharing feedback with the group and eating a delicious dinner. I have to admit that I hardly ever attend these meetings because I am usually too busy (read: offering a workshop or class when they take place), but it was great to connect with many of the volunteers who I deal with regularly, especially when they borrow books from La Cometa Lectora to use in their workshops with children and mothers. I was surprised to see so many males–a good sign for the future assuming at least some of them will continue on to be hired part or full-time by Centro Esperanza.

??????????????????????????????? There are about 30 official volunteers who support or run many of Centro Esperanza’s programs and projects
(only some were able to attend on Friday). Many are university students, a few are still in high school and others have graduated from university and are either unemployed or employed part-time.
Featured below are almost all of the official Centro Esperanza staff members.
The photo was taken last Tuesday at our 17th Anniversary celebration:
There are so many other things to post about…stay tuned for news about:
tree planting to celebrate Christmas, Project Chiclayo children and youth Christmas celebrations,
music workshops, a special Cometa Lectora/Reading Kite visit to a public school
and the official Cometa Lectora videos (English and Spanish versions)!

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