Afterschool fun in La Ladrillera

???????????????????????????????Summer is coming to an end. The rice has been planted. The chupetes have been eaten.
The beach has been visited. The swimming lessons have been attended.
And school started on Monday in public schools here in Chiclayo, Peru,
but the young artists of La Ladrillera were still full of energy after two hours of drawing this afternoon.

They are over the moon about the colourful markers we are now using (quite the novelty), especially because some of them have scents–which reminds them of the story I read them during a Cometa Lectora (Reading Kite) visit in November… does ‘Purple, Green and Yellow’ ring a bell? (Hint: think Robert Munsch).

There were actually double the number of kids at today’s session,
and while they were immersed in drawing pictures of their rural community,
their mothers were in a meeting to evaluate Project Chiclayo programs and plan for the new year,
as well as welcome new members to the Project.

The precious kids pictured above are those who seem to be capable of drawing all afternoon long…
who beg me to stay longer, whether to draw or play…
who smother me with hugs and kisses when I finally do leave…
who accompany me halfway down the dirt road leading to the highway…
(only because I make them turn around and head home)
perhaps the ones I know best…
and the ones I will miss the most.

2 thoughts on “Afterschool fun in La Ladrillera

  1. Thanks so much for liking my post / scratchboard drawing ” On Vacation”. I have been to your site before and your like has reminded me to check it out more often.

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